March 28, 2010

+ Nature Mandalas


Thank you so much for your patience while we were getting some things sorted here. The small crisis has been diverted.. yay!

The great thing about a wee crisis is how it makes me analyse a few things; take accountability for my life and my life's journey, as well as that of my family. Crisis' are also fantastic at bringing people together, and my lovely husband and I have been spurred on to make some changes and set a course for some new adventures.... every cloud really does have a silver lining : )

So all is good.

Are you ready for an alphabetical onslaught?? These letters are lining up ready and waiting to be shared... shall we get going? yes!

Nature Mandalas

Nature Mandalas is the home to the amazingly beautiful work that Allison Trentelman has for sale. I find Allison's work so serene and peaceful - it is the perfect spot to ponder when a crisis is in full swing! Even when not in peril, Allison's work provides a calming and soothing window to contemplate the beauty of the world...

"Allison Trentelman is a fine art photographer who's work focuses on the animals and natural landscape on the coast of Maine. Originally from Corning NY, Allison came to Maine to attend the Maine Photographic Workshops residency program, but she fell in love with the landscape & lifetsyle of Midcoast Maine and decided to call the area home. Running her studio from a rocky mountaintop not far from the coast, she doesn't have to wander far to find a magical landscape."

(images and quote from Allison Trentelman)

visit Allison's website
visit Allison's store

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O is on the way!

See you soon xxoo

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