October 21, 2009

Warpe Design + Roma Winkel + Wren Handmade


Welcome to W : )

We only have a couple more days left in this alphabet... alphabet*eight is already shaping up to being a bumper edition... I think approx 700 different artists, crafters and bloggers have graced the pages of these alphabets of ours - seven hundred! I am still finding more and more to include, and as always I am in awe...

Shall we add a few more to our collection? Let's go!

Warpe Design

It is often the simplest things that can be the most beautiful. These hand punched cards and shades from
Warpe Design are a combination of simplicity, skill and beauty....don't you want to run your fingertips over them and feel their texture?

"The hand punched holes appear flat and decorative when held up directly to light, but they transform into a low level bas relief when tilted revealing their textural, embossed edges. It asks to be played with, admired from all angles."

(images and quote from Warpe Design)

visit the Warpe Design
read the Warpe Design

Roma Winkel

If you have been reading these alphabets for a while you will know about my Softie love - It's been a while since I wrote about them huh? Well this Softie love combined with my new "I want to do printing" obsession pretty much gets summed up as these gorgeous creatures from the talented
Roxy Marj - aren't they fab?

Roxy doesn't just print softies, her Roma Winkel store is full of all sorts of goodness, you should check it out : )

(images from Roxy Marj)

visit Roxy's
read Roxy's


I really wanted to include the Wren Handmade blog in our wonderland today. I have written about the wonderful work of Laura Normandin before, she's super talented and it seems she can turn her hand to almost anything...

Laura's blog is an inspirational insight into her daily makings and doings. I find it really fascinating to see the work processes and creative spaces of different artists and crafters, and the Wren Handmade definitely hits the spot.

Make a cuppa and go visiting...

(image from Wren Handmade)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I hope you find some inspiration here today...will you join me again tomorrow for X and Y?

See you soon! xxoo

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Amanda said...

I'm having a glass of wine & visiting - rather than tea. Hope this is OK! I can't believe you'r nearly through another alphabet. Time flies when you're having fun!