October 13, 2009

Squirrellicious + Quince Homewares + Queenie Takes Manhattan


I hope Tuesday is treating you well : )

I am pretty excited to have a full line-up for our 7th Q. Q is generally a pretty tough letter to fill, but perseverance has paid off and I am excited to share what I have found with you today...shall we begin?


Based in The Netherlands, the Squirrellicious shop is filled with all sorts of hand stitched and handmade treats. I have chosen this gorgeous collection of embroidered brooches to share with you today...

Lotte from Squirrellicious hand embroiders these sweet vintage inspired brooches with beautiful critters and birds. These tiny works of art are full of detail and are only a drop in the Squirrellicious ocean... there's a whole lot more goodness to see... check it out...

(images from Squirrellicious)

visit Lotte's store

Quince Homewares

I was so excited to find Quince Homewares. Not only because it saves my bacon when it comes to needing Q's, but because the Quince textile collection is gorgeous!

Based 'across the ditch', the Quince collection is designed, hand printed and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia.

"Products are printed by Michelle Koop using free-hand techniques. Each piece then gains its own identity. The work is produced in short runs by hand, mostly to order, allowing for a low impact approach to manufacturing. Michelle's philosophy is to create products that are of high quality, are beautiful and practical."

(images and quote from Quince Homewares)

visit the Quince website

Food Love.... : )

Not a 'design' blog as such, but you know how much I like food don't you??

"Queenie Takes Manhattan is dedicated to exploring all aspects of the food world: dining (fine and not-so-fine), cooking and recipe writing, sourcing ingredients, entertaining, great tabletop & kitchen design, and travel."

Queenie Takes Manhattan is a fab journey through the foodie life of its author Meg Blocker. Meg's daily journal is full of eating adventures around her New York home with a dash of international treats thrown in for good measure.

Have fun!

(image and quote from Queenie Takes Manhattan)

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I hope your day is wonderful!! xxoo

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Kickcan and Conkers said...

Love your Quince homeware find.