October 23, 2009

Loretta Lux + Syko + Door Sixteen

Hello friends...

OK, so X and Y didn't exactly make it yesterday, sorry about that... but we haven't forgotten them, we have a double whammy for you today, featuring the last three letters in this glorious alphabet*seven...shall we get started?

Loretta Lux

Those of you who are clued up on photography, probably already know all about Loretta Lux...she was awarded the coveted Infinity Award for Art from the International Centre for Photography (New York) in 2005, and she has a solo and group exhibition list that spans the globe.

Loretta brings her signature style to her works through a series of processes. Firstly, at the photoshoot, where her chosen subjects are children. Then at the computer, where she painstakingly changes the background to a more serene setting - a still room, an outdoor expanse or an abandoned building, revisiting, re shooting and retouching as she goes. The whole process can take close to a year to complete. And the result?


(images from Loretta Lux)

visit Loretta's


Kajsa Wikman is the super creative gal behind the adorable etsy store Syko.

With textiles and thread firmly embedded in her blood, it is no wonder that Kajsa collection is full of applique's, quilting, stitching and prints of original works.

"I find great inspiration in my two children and their drawings and I love illustrated books for kids! Beautiful fabrics, buttons, and colours also tickle my fantasy! Reusing fabrics, buttons and giving them a new good life in unique textiles is an important part of the Syko philosophy."

(images and quote from Kajsa Wikman)

visit Kajsa's website
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Knock, knock...

"Hello, I’m Anna!

I write Door Sixteen from inside an 1885 Victorian row house in the City of Newburgh, New York. Newburgh is in the Hudson Valley, about 60 miles north of Manhattan on the west bank of the Hudson River.

My husband Evan and I bought this house in early 2006, and we’ve been renovating it ever since and slowly molding it into our vision of the perfect home.

I write about other stuff, too!
Aside from house-related projects, I also work as a
book cover designer. And I like to cook. And clean. And obsess over music. And obsess over cleaning. And obsess over obsessing.
Oh! And coffee. I love coffee."

I like it. You should visit : )

(image and quote from Door Sixteen)

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and that is X and Y : ) Z will be here shortly....

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