October 6, 2009

Richard Longden + Lucie Summers + Lonny Magazine


We are off to visit my parents today... we are flying, so our normal 6 hour drive is a one hour flight - yay! Even though the boys have flown a fair bit, their memories are of TV screens in the back of seats, headphones, games and food! Unfortunately the flight we are on is in a (approx) 16 seater, with no cabin crew, let alone in flight entertainment! - they'd be lucky to get a sweet!! Still, we have a bag of goodies lined up to keep them entertained.

I am really looking forward the trip, the boys are super excited not only about the flight but to spend time with my folks and some old friends that they they have fallen in love with...

Let's get this underway...

Richard Longden

I really enjoy these fun and friendly Birdy prints from Richard Longden.

"I gained a degree in Fine Art way back in 1995, since then I have been working as an Art teacher in a secondary school. I am now producing Artwork again, and loving it! On my Degree course I specialised in Abstract Art and a love of textures and transparencies. Upon taking up Art again I had discovered a liking for Illustration and playful worlds of the imagination. Hence I developed a world of the imaginary bird."

Richard also has a semi-secret store Organicadia where he sells a fantastic range of abstracts...you should check it out...

(images and quote from Richard Longden with thanks to Art Gallery.co.uk)

visit Richard's store
visit Organicadia
visit artgallery.co.uk for more

Lucie Summers

I read an interview with Lucie Summers on Indie Pretty Perfect that was written in December 2007. When asked "What do you hope to achieve next?" Lucie's short term goal was to get to 100 sales in her etsy store... Today, nearly 2 years later, Lucie's sales are showing at 630! What a massive achievement! It's pretty obvious why, check out this hand-screen-printed-fabric goodness below! yum!

(images from Lucie Summers, with thanks to Indie Pretty Perfect)

visit Lucie's
read Lucie's

This technically isnt a blog, but we really can't pass L without mentioning.....

...the long awaited arrival of Lonny Magazine.


Lonny Magazine is online!

If you haven't read it cover to cover yet, I suggest you follow this simple four step process...

1. cancel your appointments
2. click through to the Lonny Magazine website
3. while it's loading, make yourself a cuppa
4. sit back and indulge in some great reading, beautiful photography and awe inspiring inspiration

Thanks so much Michelle Adams and Patrick Cline for bringing us Lonny!

(image from Lonny Magazine)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

We're off! Have a great day everyone! Will you join me tomorrow for M? I'll be reporting from (hopefully) sunny-and-warm Gisborne...

See you tomorrow! xxoo

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Elsa May said...

Oh I love the pic with the little cows - how cute! Hope the trip to Gissie goes well :)