October 5, 2009

Kendal Murray + Jen Khoshbin + Coco and Kelly

Welcome to a new week! How was your weekend?

We visited our newly refurbished
City Gallery - The main exhibition was Yayoi Kusama's Mirrored Years, wow! The boys loved it and were quite bewildered by it at times, it really was incredible!

Ngaahina Hohaia also exhibited in the Deane Gallery space - I could of spent hours in their examining all the intricate embroideries on traditional poi, telling the amazing legacy of Parihaka. It was beautiful and such a lovely way to spend the morning.

I love, especially now the boys are older, that we are able to go into a gallery space and know that they understand the fragility of the pieces, how to respect the artworks, and the other people in the gallery, especially in an exhibition such as Kusama's where even I found it incredibly hard not to touch! They have been in and out of gallery spaces since they were teeny tots so I guess it has become pretty 'normal' for them...yay!

I should stop rabbiting on and get this K underway don't you think??

I know you're going to LOVE it!

Kendal Murray

I discovered the work of
Kendal Murray over at the Inside Out blog. The snippet of work that was shown was pretty spectacular, and a visit to Kendal's portfolio revealed more of the same. I got so excited by it that I originally chose sixteen (16!) images that I wanted to share with you, knowing that I would have to cut that down so you will be encouraged to visit her portfolio yourself, but I tell you, it was hard!! Hard to choose out of such an incredible collection!

Kendal's recent exhibition Short Stories and Tall Tails, at the
Arthouse Gallery in Sydney, showcased her "fantastical world of bizarre and incongruous landscapes, dream like narratives are performed by a multitude of miniature identities with big personalities."

"Short Stories and Tall Tales are enacted in a range of playful and dramatic scenarios. Glass teapots, grass covered purses, mirrored makeup compacts and open books set the stage for each scene offering the delight of the unexpected, the puzzle of a question and the possibility of a dream escape."

Take a peek:

(images and quote from Arthouse Gallery)

Arthouse Gallery for more

Jen Khoshbin

You know how much I love paper art and paper cutting don't you? I am in love with these story book scenes from Jen Khoshbin!

Intricately cut and folded illustrations from story books, make this collection irresistible... I mean, who can resist the gorgeous Alice in Wonderland series??

I started looking at my boys picture books in a completely different way - resisting the urge to see the results of a bit of slicing here and there! - divine!

(images from Jen Khoshbin)

visit Jen's
visit Jen's

introducing Coco and Kelly...

For most of you, Coco and Kelly probably doesn't need too much of an introduction. It is a staple read if you are looking for a bit of down to earth luxury.

Cassandra Lavalle compiles a wonderful collection of her favourite inspirations - "Stunning interiors, brilliant fashion, and inspired color palettes - always with a touch of glamour."

Coco and Kelly is a fab journey through Cassandra's favourite runway picks and interior inspirations, covering everything from wedding inspiration and colour trends to entertaining and competitions - enjoy!

(image from Coco and Kelly)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Thanks so much for joining me today, it means so much to me having you pop in. Have a wonderful Monday!

See you tomorrow for L! xxoo

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