October 15, 2009

Showpony + Lyn Swan + Simple Lovely

Happy Thursday!

It's a pretty exciting day here in the alphabet house. I am starting a new printmaking class today, and I can't wait! My lovely husband booked me in for it one day last week when I was feeling in a bit of a slump...it's been ages since I have had the time to dedicate to my own creativity and I am so looking forward to it : ) - yay!

Lots of goodness to share today...


Emma Henderson became hooked on screen printing after graduating from the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland. In 2006 Emma launched her Showpony Label as a platform to showcase her collection of screen printed textiles and accessories.

Check out the goodness below...there is much, much more to see over at Emma's website. (Oh, and be quick, it's Showpony's 3rd birthday so there are bargains galore to be had in Emma's etsy store!)

(images from Showpony)

visit Emma's
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here and here
read Emma's

Lyn Swan

Lyn Swan's Fiesta-ware is glorious! I love the bright sunshine colours : )

"I have been working in clay for over 35 years and am still very much addicted! I received a BFA in ceramics from RIT, School for the American Craftsman in New York. My home and studio are now in Sonoma California where I continue my never ending exploration of clay. I am currently working with a mid range porcelain, colorful glazes, sulfates, and gold luster. For the most part, my current work is hand built, as I am fascinated by the character and personality of each individual piece, so whimsical, so entertaining! The work is functional and playful, it is meant to be used, enjoyed ... basically, make you happy ~ have fun!"

Because it has been raining for what seems like weeks, I've chosen some golden sunshine beauties to share with you here...

(images and quote from Lyn Swan)

visit Lyn's

Simple Lovely is perfectly named. This blog is Simple and Lovely, all beautifully rolled into one. It's a regular day to day journal with some design goodness thrown in... it is definitely worth a visit : )

"a few things i like...Thelonious Monk, estate sales, peppermint, bicycles, Stinson Beach, succulents, Laura Owens, wood bowls, strong coffee, 70’s pottery, Ilse Crawford, Wes Anderson, Cherner chairs, Leroy Grannis, Elliott Puckette, France, Bauhaus "

(image and quote from Simple Lovely)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I'm off to dip my fingers into some printmaking fun! Have a great day everyone!

See you tomorrow for Friday and T! xxoo

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