September 29, 2009

Rubie Green + Go Go Kitten Art + Green Wedding Shoes

Hi! Happy Tuesday to you!

Loads of goodness to share today - shall we get started?

Rubie Green

Last week when the boys were at their yoga class (yep, I know! how cool is falling in love with yoga when you're a kid!), I ventured into Wellington's organic super store. It had been a few years since I'd been in there as we had been sourcing our produce and supplies more locally, but I tell you, I was gobsmacked by how much their range had grown.

I came home so excited that the world had got to a place where the demand for organic goods pretty much means that everything is now available chemical free. yay!

The design world is no different, and we are now blessed with design houses like Rubie Green who produce a collection of organic upholstery fabrics and bedding...

"Here at Rubie Green, our mission is to dress your surroundings in fabrics that represent vitality, energy, comfort and style, all while maintaining respect to the environment by using only 100% organic cotton. We believe in classic designs that are familiar to every decade, re-vitalized in an eco-friendly manner. We know that natural does not mean boring, and that interiors make a house a home."

(images from Rubie Green)

visit the Rubie Green website

Go Go Kitten Art

Cathy Chhetri is a self taught artist who produces these amazing ink and pen drawings for her store Go Go Kitten Art. I love the intense contrast between the black and white, and the detail in each piece is inspiring!

Cathy includes hands, eyes, faces and flowers in her collection and I have chosen a few of my faves to share with you today. Her body of work is huge, and is definitely worth a browse : )

Aside from being great pieces of art I think they would make the most beautiful notebook or journal covers.. what do you think?

(images from Cathy Chhetri)

visit Cathy's
visit Cathy's

More wedding love....

Wedding magazines, blogs and websites are one of my favourite places to be inspired - beautiful photography, amazing styling ...and love! What more could a girl want??!!

Sometimes when I am browsing blogs choosing which to showcase here in our Wonderland, I ask myself, "Will they (meaning you guys : ) love it?", "Will they be inspired?", "Will they get 'lost' here?". I figure, that when I find myself about 7 pages into a blog and I haven't been able to draw myself away, that the answer will probably be YES! to all three questions!

Green Wedding Shoes is a Yes! Yes! Yes! blog -I know you'll love it! ...enjoy!

(image from Green Wedding Shoes)

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Have a wonderful day! xxoo


My Owl Barn said...

Great post. I love the fish fabric by Rubie Green :)

melissa davis said...

So happy you love Rubie Green!! Thanks for the post! If you live in NYC or any of your friends do, you could enter to win a ticket to meet Michelle at Calypso Home next week!