September 1, 2009

The Quiet

Quiet. Can you hear it? Do you savour it's presence?

When I arrive home from dropping the kids at school and preschool I quite often sit in the car for a moment. Engine off. Radio off. Silent. I take in this moment of peace and silence as a type of meditation, savouring each second as I know it wont last long.

When you have children, the quiet is something that only comes with sleep. Very rarely do my children remain quiet for more than a minute or two as they banter between each other and enjoy the world. As much as I love their camaraderie and their noise, it wasn't until I had children that I realised the preciousness of quiet.

I have spent the last wee while gazing through flickr. Finding images to sum up this silence that comes few and far between. I hope you too can take a moment to savour these images and reflect on the goodness that comes from solitude and the quietness that solitude can bring...

images by: (from top, left to right)

Have a wonderful day everyone!

See you tomorrow for R! xxoo

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