September 2, 2009

Robot Candy + Claire Rougerie + Record The Day

righteo lets go!

Robot Candy

Do you enjoy a touch of vintage in your home?

Jenn Hill and Jenny Tiffany from Robot Candy are the creators of these adorable vintage inspired tile coasters.

Using recycled materials wherever possible, Jenn and Jenny "carefully handcraft useful house wares that are visually pleasing as well as affordable."

Cuteness for your coffee table : )

(images from Robot Candy)

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Claire Rougerie

France based Claire Rougerie painstakingly hand makes this gorgeous collection of home accessories out of wire.

In New Zealand we are proud of our 'Number 8* wire' mentality - which basically means that "New Zealanders display a MacGyver-like ability to solve any problem, often using unconventional means or whatever happens to be lying around." I've never seen anyone (even MacGyver : ) make anything so pretty out of wire!

I love love love Claire's collection of wire baskets, and her scene snapshots (see images 5th and last below) are divine!


(images from Claire Rougerie, quote from Wikipedia)

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visit Claire's

*Number 8 wire is used for farm fencing

I'm pretty excited to be sharing this blog with you today...

"These are the things I love. I'm always jotting things down, keeping images from magazines and scraps of whatever excites me fastened to record cards. They used to get left floating around in the bottom of my bag, occasionally deposited around the house or tidied away into drawers. Now they are here. "

Jess from Record The Day has an amazing ability to not only capture her day, but also the visitors to her blog. There are no words, just beautiful compilations of images to get lost in...

(image and quote from Record The Day)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

It is a stunner of a spring day here today - I hope your day is wonderful, what ever the weather : )

See you tomorrow xxoo

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