September 8, 2009

Leah Evans + Divine Paper House + Bondville

Thank you so much for your patience we are finally up and running! Are you ready for a catch up? Let's start today with...

Leah Evans

I recently purchased a vintage classroom map of the world, it now hangs above our bed... I quite often gaze up at it wondering about all the shipping routes and time lines... and how much the world has changed since it's 1963 production.

When I started researching textile artist Leah Evans I was instantly drawn to her series of topographical works...have you seen them?

Using a whole variety of hand and machine techniques ( including appliqué, reverse appliqué, piecing, natural and synthetic dyeing, needle-felting, hand printing, and a variety of embroidery stitches ) Leah's fascination with mapping, aerial photography and satellite imagery come together in this beautiful body of work.

"For me they are intimate explorations of map language and imagined landscapes. Through my research and experience I have decided that maps create more questions than they answer."

(image and quote from Leah Evans with thanks to Monoscope)


visit Leah's website

Divine Paper House

Graduating from Kingston University (with first class honors in illustration and animation) in 2008, London based illustrator Matthew Scott of Divine Paper House already has an impressive client list and international exhibition schedule.

Recent accolades include "winning 'best new blood' at the 2008 D&AD awards, also my first short book entitled 'the diver' won 1st place in the 2008 cheltenham illustration awards. I am currently working on my first full length children's books for simon and schuster aswell as working on other projects for oxford press and Nickelodeon."

And it's no wonder really..Matthew's work definitely deserves all its praise and recognition... have a look!

(images and quote from Matthew Scott)

visit Matthew's website
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Some Australian love to share today....

Steph Bond has her fingers in many pies...I came across her Bondville blog a wee while ago and then went on to discover everything else Steph does...

There's the for mentioned Bondville -

"The site has evolved from an observation of life in downtown New York City, to a collection of maternity and baby-related products (my daughter was born in 2007) to its current format as a home of modern, design-focused, fresh products and artworks from Australia."

Bondville Weddings -

"a directory of businesses on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, that provide services for the wedding industry."

Bondville Kids -

"I love supporting Australian entrepreneurs and I launched Bondville Kids: Australian Designer Baby Clothes to highlight the talent of Aussie children's fashion designers."

and... yes there's more!
"I enlisted the help of a group of friends with great taste and style to help me build my own little black book - Sydney's Best Kept Secrets. The site is divided into categories (e.g. hair stylists, doctors, dentists, house cleaners, etc) with recommendations for each, and comments from the general public."

Go check them out : )
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and there is V - finally! W and X&Y are on their way! stay tuned...
Have a great day! xxoo

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Steph Bond @ Bondville said...

Wow - thank you so much for your very generous words about Bondville and my web projects. I'm really honoured!