September 30, 2009

Jenni Holma + Hayley Carmo + Heart Handmade

How's Wednesday treating you? Wonderfully I hope : )

Jenni Holma

I thought I would start the day by sharing some photographic work from Jenni Holma.

"A 22-year old girl with an open mind and a longing for new experiences. I'm a bit of a dreamer and a classic idealist with a hint of too much naivety in me. I see things through child filtered glasses which sometimes seems to be against me and on better days not. I've taken a liking to photography and wish the get better during the's no fun hanging around as a complete amateur, is it. ;-D .

I love observing things and making little notes to myself.I don't like thinking about photography as a bunch of rules one should ideas and fresh perspectives are way better than some straight horizontal lines and all that jazz. I go by what I think looks or feels good. My heart lies in conceptual photography, but I'm in awe by anything that makes me feel something."

(images and quote from Jenni Holma)

see Jenni's work on
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Hayley Carmo

You may have seen Hayley Carmo's Award Ribbons installation when it did the blog rounds earlier in the year (pictured 4th and 7th below)...did you know that Hayley is a pretty darn clever artist as well?

Check out a snippet of her work below - everything from this gorgeous hand printed floral twill (pictured first), to silk screens and collage.. you've got to take a look!

(images from Hayley Carmo)

visit Hayley's
visit Hayley's

I pencilled in Heart Handmade for this H wonderland a while ago, and when I visited there last week I discovered some sad news....

Marichelle has decided to stop writing and compiling Heart Handmade : (

Even though Heart Handmade wont be regularly updated I decided that this site was something that really needed to be included in our wonderland... it is a huge, exciting and inspiring resource, full of wonderful finds, interviews and how-to's.

I urge you to click through the archives to the very beginning and take yourself on a journey through Marichelle's "quest to become a part of the wonderful world of independent design".
(image and quote from Heart Handmade)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

a quick quote about Love...

"If your trying to break my heart your plan is flawed from the start. You can't break my heart. It's liquid. It melted when I met you." Jemaine - Flight of The Conchords

It's got to make you smile, right??

Have a great day!xxoo

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