September 21, 2009

Adam Beane + Alli Coate + Anh-Minh

Welcome to a new alphabet! It is lovely to be back and jumping in to this alphabet*seven. I have had a relaxing week away - how was yours? I hope all is well with you : )

Should we get started?

Adam Beane

I am so pleased that we are beginning this new alphabet journey with the intricate work of Adam Beane. Have you seen it? Well you may have if you are into action figures and collectible toys...

Adam is often contracted as 'Master Sculpture' by collectible toy giants like PlanB, SOTA and McFarlane. "I have become known for dynamic compositions, action poses, nuanced drapery work and my ability to capture likenesses with expressions."

His work reminded me of the complex sculptures that are on display at Weta Workshops here in Wellington - mind boggling craftsmanship, incredible attention to detail, jaw dropping skill...

I did read on The Sculptors Corner that Adam hopes to "make money, travel the world and live in another country", mmmm...maybe Wellington could be the place for him?

(images and quotes from Adam Beane with thanks to The Sculptors Corner)

visit Adam's website

Alli Coate

Freelance illustrator Alli Coate creates these gorgeous works by blending her love of paper, fabric and thread.

As a recent graduate of Rhode Island School of Design (with a BFA in illustration), Alli creates works for a variety of printed media and regularly exhibits in her home town of Providence.

Alli's passion for embroidery is one of the things that I am really drawn to in her work, I love the Hoop that is pictured last below with it's little windows of threaded love...enjoy!

(images from Alli Coate)

visit Alli's website
read Alli's blog

Anh-Minh is one of those blogs that you find yourself 8 pages in to before you realise it...

I have been trying to sum up this wee blog for a while now, it is a mixture of a whole lot of things... most of all it is a great read, full of interesting pieces. I think these things are a reflection of Anh-Minh Le's professional life as a journalist and writer.

Over the years Anh-Minh has written for a variety of shopping, food, travel, and lifestyle web sites (including Apartment Therapy) ... I think her bio over at Girls Guide to City Life sums it all up...

"...She holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology and a master’s in journalism. In her free time, Anh-Minh contributes to a crafts collective, hangs out in the backyard with her husband, and blogs as a way to remember what she did the day before yesterday.

She got her passport late in life and is now attempting to make up for lost time by traveling as often as possible. Her favorite destinations so far? Amsterdam, London, and Hong Kong. Visit her web site."

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

What a great start to a new alphabet and a new week! Thank you so much for joining me as we start this new journey...have a wonderful day!

See you tomorrow for B! xxoo


sweetwilliam said...

yay - a new abc - great start so far!

allicoate said...

Aw thanks so much for the mention! This is a really sweet blog.