July 24, 2008


I only have a couple of J's for you today, as we have been snowed under over at Apple of My Eye...it is still well worth the read though! We will be back on track for Monday with a full inventory of K's and our regular Monday Art Find.. Meanwhile, I have included some gorgeous Frida Kahlo inspired images from Small Magazine's latest edition - enjoy!

Lotta Jansdotter

Lotta Anderson is a self taught designer. Her style is inspired by her world travels and her Scandinavian roots, and these, mixed with her entrepreneurial spirit have her established firmly in the textile world.

Working from her Brooklyn (New York) studio, Lotta creates her collection under he name Lotta Jansdotter (Jans being her fathers name and Dotter meaning daughter in Swedish). Her prints are simple and beautiful, and her textiles, patterns, stationery and books have been embraced the world over.

Like many people all over the world, I hope you too can find some inspiration in Lotta's work...here is a selection from her collection:

Pictured clockwise from top left: asko - raspberry fabric, runner - tang, postcard box, kantra fabric, large tote - echo, fabric bucket, cushion - udden, no sleeve dress - echo purple, and in centre: notecard book.

(images from Lotta Jansdotter)

Visit Lotta's online store
Read Lotta's blog
Attend a weekend Print Workshop
Want to work with Lotta? Job Vacancy HERE
Visit the Design Alphabet Bookshop to view Lotta's Book "Simple Sewing: Patterns and How-To for 24 Fresh and Easy Projects" and include it in your collection


There is a sparkly, shiny and very new Juniper store in Newtown (Wellington, NZ). Re-Launching itself in its new space last month, Juniper remains a haven for artists, craftspeople and shoppers to showcase (and purchase) their wares.

Mindy Dalzell opened the original Juniper store in 2006, as a gifts, designer florist, and handcraft gallery. This has proved to be a colourful and fun combination that has been welcomed by shoppers and designers alike.

Showcasing work from all over the world, the shop houses a whole assortment of goods, from baby clothes through to ceramics. And luckily, for stationery-loving-online-ooglers *read that as being me!* their fix of Sukie Stationery and Jill Bliss Journals is awaiting in store alongside a whole bunch of kiwi goodness.

Pictured: Sukie Stationery, Jill Bliss Notebooks and Juniper's interior

Once a month Juniper lights up like a lantern as Mindy hosts one of her popular craft nights. Attendees can make themselves comfy amongst all the goodies in the store and be treated to a 'lucky dip' crafty project to complete during the evening. - sounds like fun!!

(images from Juniper)

Go on, go and have a look!

Visit the Juniper Gallery at 14 Rintoul Street, Newtown. Wellington. NZ
Read the Juniper blog
For enquiries about craft nights, please contact Mindy

Happy Weekend!

It's Friday again, and to set you off on what I hope will be a lovely weekend, here are some images from the latest Small Magazine..."for Frida", inspired by Frida Kalho. Photographed by Grant Cornett and styled by Olivia Pintos Lopez. The colours are incredible. I hope your weekend is full of colour too.. see you Monday x

this one on the left is my favourite : )

See you Monday!

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