July 22, 2008

and now for...the letter H

I can't believe I am already up to the letter H! Hopefully you are enjoying our alphabetical journey so far : )

Let's start with

Hable Construction

Hable Construction was launched in 1999 by two Texan sisters - Susan and Katherine Hable. Susan and Katherine are the driving force behind all the totes, carry-alls, journals and other fun items that are pictured below. I love how their prints are so full of sunshine (there is torrential rain and hail falling as I am writing, so a bit of sunshine goes a long way!).

Fusing fabric, art and utility, Hable aims to construct practical, stylish and timeless products that will inspire for years to come.

Pictured clockwise from top left: Clover Poppy Zip Overnight Tote, Lemon Rope/Oyster Linen Pillow, Turq Bead Small Lined Traveller Journal, Clementine Bead Storage Bushel, Lemon Bead/Oyster Linen Pillow and in the centre: Charcoal Checker Picnic

The Hable sisters also collaborate with other Companies and have contributed to ranges at Pottery Barn Kids:

And, Garnet Hill:

To see the entire Hable Construction range visit their website and online store
International Shipping is available
See Hable at the Pottery Barn
See Hable at Garnet Hill

Be-Headed Beasties

Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan over at Apartment Therapy blogged today about Fake Antlers... evidently they were voted 'out' by the NY Times last Christmas. Considering this Christmas is only about 20 weeks away, it's looking like the ol' Times jumped the gun. It seems people STILL can't get enough of the odd deer head or two, and you would be pretty hard pressed to find a home decor magazine that doesn't have some form of Antler in it!

above: Moose Head and Deer Heads from Wanda Harland (image from Wanda Harland)

above: carved Moose Head by Roost

(image from velocityartanddesign.com
with thanks to apartment therapy)

above: Regan Gentry's Oh Deer
(image from artnews.co.nz, by Regan Gentry)

Personally I am a bit over seeing the fake jobbies EVERYWHERE, and even though I don't condone the killing of beasties, I am really intrigued by the real McCoy taxidermied versions.

Like this massive example on the wall at my friends Rach and Stu's house (oh, and now Isabel's house too - as of yesterday!) I am guessing this guy was hauled out of his serene forest home by helicopter, because no matter how macho Mr Deer Hunter was, I don't think anyone would be carrying this fellow out on their back!

You've got to love him right???

(image from Stu Barr)

Take the Handmade Pledge

Are you tired of having the same furnishings and decoration as everyone on your block? Do you hate showing up to parties with the same gift as the person who arrived just before you? Is global manufacturing and the chain store culture getting you down?? - well do not fear! Here's what you need...

You need to take the Homemade Pledge.

By taking the pledge you are not only pledging to buy and give handmade, but also encouraging people to buy and give handmade to you, when they are giving you a gift.

With places like Toggle, Felt and Etsy, we really have no excuse!

to take the pledge visit BuyHandmade.org


Hausmobel and it's sister site Kindermobel are a part of a distribution company dedicated to contemporary furniture. Lucky for all us kiwis, this company is based in NZ!

Hausmobel and Kindermobel are the distributors of the well known and internationally loved brand Offi. Offi's group of award winning designers brings together a collection that is multi functional, comfortable and at home in any modern home in the world.

The Haus and Kinder Mobel clan now offer a range of work surfaces, storage solutions, organisation accessories and a kids collection.

Here are some of their offerings:

Pictured clockwise from top left: Scoop TV table, Mag Table, Benchbox on Castors, Look-Me Kids Chair, Perch Lounge and Mini Drawer Chair.

To view the entire range and find a list of stockists, visit Hausmobel and Kindermobel.
To find out more about the pieces in their collection visit Offi.

See you tomorrow for i.. there are lots of goodies to look forward too!

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