July 15, 2008

to B or not to B

Book Storage

Let's start the B's with a bit of D.I.Y.. nothing like keeping your hands warm with a fun winter project!

Isn't this bookshelf great? I found it over at Martha Stewart.. there is nothing like organisation that looks good! This is a ready made plate rack attached to the wall. It would be fab on the back of a door too if you were limited on space... for instructions on how to make one, click HERE.

(image from Martha Stewart)

Bird vs. Bird

Bird vs. Bird is created by super talented designer Bess Petty. Bess lives in Oakland, California and works in a commercial sign shop by day...she creates a wonderful selection of merchandise printed on the margins and roll-ends of the industrial vinyl and banner material that would otherwise end up at the trash at her work.
Most products feature common birds and weeds, and her range includes these wonderful wallets...

(images from Bess Petty)

Warning! Bess DOES ship internationally!!
Visit Bess's Etsy Shop HERE

Bodo Sperlein
I first spotted this chandelier in a magazine at the library - sorry I can't remember the name of the mag... but I did remember the name of the chandelier - Niagara Chandelier.
The Niagara Chandelier was produced by an amazing ceramic artist - Bodo Sperlein. Bodo is a London based consultant and manufacturer who produces an inspiring range of lighting and tableware.

The Niagara Chandelier (pictured above) was produced for Llardò as part of their Re-cyclos Collection. Also included in this collection are these incredible Light Sculptures:

I LOVE the 'Freeze Frame Birds Hanging Lamp' (at top) - especially the shadows it creates on the wall. I can only imagine that the Butterfly Lamp pictured at the bottom, has the same magical effect.
For a list of stockists visit Bodo Sperlein and Lladrò online.

Little Wish Boats

Something a bit whimsical...It is so rewarding, that after a bit of online-shop trawling, you can come across something as sweet and gorgeous as these... the sentiment behind them is just as beautiful.

Jurianne Matter is the creator behind these sweet wee treasures. According to Bijzondermooi (where I discovered them) Jurianne made her first paper-folding boat as a farewell present for a dear friend, who was going on a long extended trip. After realising these little boats would fit many celebrations, Jurianne made them available so they can sail out to celebrate weddings, new babies, birthdays, new jobs and anniversaries.

Sold in packs of 8 paper sheets, with simple folding instructions, the Little Wish Boats are the perfect whimsical gift of love!

All though shipping to NZ is quite expensive, it is worth having a look at Bijzonrtmooi.nl

Book of the week:

I thought it only fitting to start our regular 'Book of the Week' slot on 'B' day. Every Tuesday we will highlight one of the books we have listed in the Design Alphabet Book Shop.

This week we would like to introduce Amy Butler's newest book - Midwest Modern. Click through to the Book Shop for the latest reviews and to add it to your collection - enjoy!

'C' you tomorrow!!

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