July 17, 2008

and now for 'D'...

It took a while to get the 'D's sorted... but it all turned out pretty good! There is plenty of 'd' goodness to be had - and colourful too!

Denyse Schmidt

When I first started my store, I really, really wanted to sell Denyse Schmidt baby quilts. Unfortunately, at that time, the dollar wasn't favourable, which in turn, pushed the retail price up way too high... I still oogle online though!!

Denyse grew up in Massachusetts amongst a creative family. She studies Graphic Design at the Rhode Island School of Design, and after a few years of varying careers, she created the business we all love today - Denyse Schmidt Quilts.

Denyse seem to master the use of colour effortlessly and I think it is the colour and vitality of each quilt that draws me in.

A browse through her website has you wanting to change your bed covers immediately!

And, it's not only your bed covers that are under threat! Denyse produces a gorgeous range of fabrics, cushions and tableware. And if you happen to be in the area, you can book in to do one of her Saturday workshops.

(images from Denyse Schmidt Quilts)

Visit Denyse's
Online Store
New Zealand Distribution is handled by Fabco Ltd.
Contact them for stockists.
Available in the
Design Alphabet Book Store is - Denyse Schmidt Quilts: 30 Colorful Quilt and Patchwork Projects. A must have for your collection!

Deadly Squire

There has been alot of blogging of late (and well deserved too - it looks fantastic!) about the super cool opening of Rare Device's latest exhibition: New Work by Julia Rothman and Caitlin Keegan.

A browse around the Rare Device website, had me stumbling upon (and reminding myself of) the work of Anna and Tim Harrington over at Deadly Squire.

This husband and wife dynamic duo fonded Deadly Squire in the winter of 2004.

"Together the duo blend their distinctive design sense, infectious enthusiasm, and taste for mischief to create a collection of products for people with an appreciation for our vast and marvelous world."

Their growing Collection of designs and objects provides something evocative, delightful and precious for every home or body. The detail of their pattern work is inspiring and fresh, and very clever!

Here is an example of the patterns they create, shown on their fabulous (and very handy) Pouches.

Pictured L-R from top: 'Wandering Oak', 'Maiden's Chains', 'Groundskeeper's Cameos', 'Feasting at the Berry Bush', 'Branches, Sticks, Twigs' and 'Black Birds after the Harvest'.

Check the Deadly Squire
website for more info and their complete range of products - enjoy!
Rare Device and check out the work of Julia Rothman and Caitlin Keegan.


When it feels like the world of fabulous fabric seems so far away - (note: to all you reprodepot lovers)...we only have to look in our own backyard (well, close enough anyway!) to find the fantastic online store - Duckcloth.

Run by Lisa Edwards, Duckcloth brings together all the best must-have fabrics from Australia and the world. You name a name and it's there! from Amy Butler to The Cut Cloth, there is something for every one.

I have my eye on these...

Pictured L-R from top: Passion Vine River by Amy Butler, Cookies Red by Shannon Lamden, Spot Flower on Cream Hemp by Pippijoe and Daisy Blue and Stone by The Cut Cloth.

Visit Duckcloths
online store for their full collection
Shipping is available to NZ - yay!

Mahar Drygoods

The online store of Robert Mahar is my favourite. I love everything about it - the way it looks, the products he sells, the way he writes - it really is a fantastic example of what online stores (especially child focused ones) should be about!

From the way he writes, Robert seems to be a genuinely nice guy who just happens to have fantastic taste to boot! He represents some amazing craftspeople and artists, and the shop really is worth a look.

Here are some of my favourites (without posting everything!), from my favourite; Mahar Drygoods...

Pictured L-R from top: Tooth Fairy and Yeti Shadow Puppets with stand, Toadstool Tea Set, Ricrac Quilted Bib Yellow Floral and Crochet Party Hat.

And, here is my most favourite of all (well I do actually like the whole series!!) but this one is my favourite of the series; Kozyndan's Uprsing Poster.

(Images from Mahar Drygoods)

Visit Robert's
online store
Read Roberts
Yippee! delivery is available to NZ!

Daily Reading that inspired all this blog business!

Could I really skip through the D's without mentioning my favourite daily reads? - well the ones that start with D anyway!


Need I say more? Well, other than - if you don't already, click through and have a look... but be warned, both are very addictive!

and tomorrow? you guessed it! 'E'!

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