July 14, 2008

it all begins with 'A'...

Welcome to the first of our 'official' design alphabet posts - the letter 'A'!!

Lets Go!!

inspired by Amy Butler

From fabric, to sewing patterns, books to stationery, and more... is there anything this gal can't do??

It seems that the world is full of Amy Butler loving creatives. A quick look through flickr confirms that there are many, many, many cute little aprons, fabulous gum drop cushions and a myriad of chair re-upholstering projects happening throughout the globe. The 'Amy Butler' name is synonymous with contemporary vintage-inspired style, and her range oozes with goodies that are modern, bold and distinctive.

Amy started making small passport sized bags in the 80's, while living in Kansas City.

"I've never given a second thought to being an artist. It's really who I am, and what I enjoy. I'm inspired by my surroundings, my friends, my family, nature and the rich textures of everyday life. I was never much on following trends."

Amy's online store offers a product mix that is designed especially for the site, with new items being added all the time. Fabric and sewing patterns are available through one of the many retailers listed on her website.

Here are some piccys of Amy, and her studio... and some of her gorgeous fabrics and products ...

(images from Amy Butler)

- see the Design Alphabet Bookstore for a selection of Amy's Books
- be inspired (some more!).. Click HERE to see the Decor8 and Amy Butler Mood Board contest. (my "i heart nz" entry made the finals!)

i heart Areta Wilkinson

I first saw the work of Areta Wilkinson in a television documentary. I loved her work immediately. I was particularly drawn to her silhouette brooches that are housed under glass domes.

I am lucky that my boys love going to the gallery, and it was because of their love for gallery visits that I was able to see Areta's work at the City Gallery in Wellington.

The images of Areta's work that are found online (and above) only show a glimpse of it's beauty - when you view her work in the flesh it's intricate detail and exquisite workmanship is revealed unashamedly, as a true work of art.

(images from Anna Bibby Gallery)

- pictured above (Santa, if you are reading this, please can you put this in your sack for me!): Poi Girl III 2006 monel. 9ct gold pin. brass. glass. felt. 200 x 270 x 200.
- to purchase work by Areta Wilkinson please visit the Anna Bibby Gallery.

the goodness of Africa - Shweshwe

I have spent many a time browsing the Shweshwe online store. Next time I am Melbourne, their retails store is definitely on my 'must-do' list.

(Don't you just LOVE the wire coat rack pictured above?? It spells out the words "it's beautiful here").
"Shweshwe" means 'the sound the cloth makes when you walk' and is named after the fashionable wax coated fabric of Africa.

I love the eclectic mix of colour and forms that are shown throughout the Shweshwe collection, from the traditional and contemporary craft from South Africa, to the independent Zines or artisinal fashion from Cape Town.

(images from Shweshwe)

- Next time you are in Melbourne, make sure you visit the Shweswe Store located at 210 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia 3065. or shop online.

the goodness of Africa - Heather Moore..

..or Skinny Laminx as she is known to her 'Etisan' fans. Heather is an illustrator, writer and designer from Cape Town, South Africa. She produces a fantastic range of screen printed goodness... including these fabulous 'Spoons' Aprons and 'Eep' Tea Towels..

Heather also produces vinyl Wall Decals. I love the simplicity of this image below. It is of one of my favourite flowers / plants - the Protea.

The cleverness of this lady doesn't stop here...if you check out Heather's Blog you can find D.I.Y instructions for applying your own patterns to ceramics - so inspiring!!

(images from Heather Moore)

Visit Heather's Etsy Shop or her website for all this goodness and more.

Monday's Art Find

Introducing the first of our Monday's Art Find... Basically I can't wait for an artist's name to come up alphabetically, so I'm just going to post them as I find them every Monday!

I LOVE art. Looking through Galleries is one of my favourite pass times. I am constantly in awe of how clever people are, and how much they have such freedom of expression.

This Weeks Art Find: Chris Kenny

When I was over at Mein Inspiration the other day, I discovered the art of Chris Kenny. I ooohed and arhhhed over his work for ages...

"Chris Kenny produces an unexpected kind of poetry with his three- dimensional 'drawings' and constructions made from twigs, fragments of maps and strips of found text. Objects or phrases of the same type are mounted on pins and organised n a way that suggests an intention to rationalise the differences between them."

pictured from top:

Map Circle (Eureka) 2007 Construction with map pieces 24 x 24 x 3 inches.
Observatory 2007 Construction with map pieces 16 x 16 x 3 inches
Road Circle 2007 Construction with maps 20 x 20 x 3 inches
Map Circle (16 Typhoons) 2007 Collage Construction with maps 24 x 24 x 3 inches

(images from England Gallery)

To check out more of Chris's work, visit England and Co.

See you tomorrow for a whole heap of 'B's'!!

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