July 31, 2008

O me O my...

I was thinking that 'O' might be a bit tricky but looking here at my list, I already have notes for about ten ideas! Sometimes when I am feeling a bit stuck, I browse through the dictionary to see if it will spark some ideas, or a memory of something I've seen...and it has! A bit further down is 'Oil Cloth'.. I've made some exciting discoveries!

But first off...as I promised yesterday, some more about Rona Ngahuia Osborne -

Rona Ngahuia Osborne

Rona Ngahuia Osborne is the driving creative force behind Native Agent. Her work references her Maori and European heritage, and is rich in symbolism. The recurring use of the icons of historic trading - including muskets, hei tiki and feathers are strongly represented in her work.
Rona exquisitely hand crafts quilts, blankets and pillows and currently supplies several retail outlets as well as showcasing her collection in the Native Agent retail store.

Formally trained as a painter, Rona graduated from Elam Art School in 2001. Her paintings are regularly exhibited at various galleries throughout NZ.

(images from Native Agent)

visit Native Agent online.
visit Native Agent retail at 507 New North Road, Kingsland. Auckland
contact Native Agent for stockists
see Rona's paintings

Oil Cloth

I was pretty excited to reminded about Oil Cloth after my browse through the dictionary, I had a scout around. I have found these amazing oil cloths from the Scandinavian Design Center...- these ones blow their kitschy oil cloth cousins out the window!!

(images from the Scandinavian Design Center)

see more Oil Cloth at the Scandinavian Design Centre

Getting Organic at Mod Green Pod

Nancy Mims and Lisa Mims, (co-founders and sisters-in-law) grew Mod Green Pod from their love of swank design and sustainable goods. Not able to find anything that combined the two, they started their own company.

Mod Green Pod offers a range of hand printed organic fabrics and vinyl free wallpapers. With prints that take their cue from nature, Mod Green Pod's print collection is the perfect combination of whimsy and sophistication.

(images Mod Green Pod, Domino and Harlands Organics)

see the Mod Green Pod collection
contact Mod Green pod for stockists
read the Mod Green Pod blog

I thought I'd finish the week (and the O's) on a fun note - don't these shadow puppets by Andrea Everman of Owly Shadow Puppets look great! My kids (and some grown-ups I know) would get a huge amount of fun out of them! - enjoy!

Owly Shadow Puppets

In her day job, Andrea Everman is an architectural model maker. Using a laser cutter to produce her model making pieces, Andrea decided to try cutting out one of her own doodles. And, what-do-you-know??? Andrea took the plunge and purchased her own laser cutter, and an Owly Shadow Puppet business was born! I think they're fabulous!!

(images Owly Shadow Puppets)

shop for Owly Shadow Puppets
visit Andrea's website

Oh it's the weekend...

and the weekend rolls around again!

I love it when we are all energized enough to make a plan for the weekend...so often the days just fly by and we feel like we haven't done anything adventurous.

This weekend we are going on a family outing to Te Papa (the Museum of New Zealand). Jetson and I went there on Monday and he is keen to go on a special 'date' with his Dad to show him the Pacific Island drums he had so much fun playing. Phoenix was highly disappointed that he missed out on the Monday trip, so he and I are having a special date too, separate from his brother - no doubt we will end up in the same Planet Pasifika Discovery Centre!

I hope you get to do something special this weekend too,

See you Monday x

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