July 21, 2008

goodness, gracious, glee it's G....

I have been eagerly anticipating 'G' as it means I can write about Simon Gamble!

Simon Gamble

Well, actually there isn't that much to write, because there isn't too much information out there about Mr Gamble - no artists website, no blog and no reviews...all the stores that sell his work have the same piece of information;

"Simon Gamble makes these Toki from Crown Lynn plates and saucers. The crockery is cut into the traditional shape, the edges then shaped and smoothed down.The piece is secured with a plaited thread binding. The binding is adjustable so the Toki can be worn at any desired length.”

Which pretty much sums it up! Simon's Toki are available online, each showcasing a classic Crown Lynn Pattern or Stamp.

(images from Kina)

Shop online at Kina or Toggle

Go Go Gocco!

In December 2005, Gocco lovers worldwide went into a spin when Gocco's parent company "Riso" announced they were ending the production of the Gocco System. A worldwide internet campaign went into full swing to find a new home for the product.

Because of the support behind the campaign and a resurgence of it's use, Gocco went back into production. Unfortunately in May this year Riso announced that they will "discontinue shipments of its Print Gocco Home-use greeting card printer in June because use of personal computers has shrunk its demand sharply."

What's all the fuss about? - Well, Gocco of course!!

Gocco is a fully self contained compact colour printing system invented in 1977 by Norobu Havama. It cleverly combines the basic principles of screen printing and rubber-stamping. "Print Gocco" is a clean, easy and fully self contained unit that exposes and prints all in one unit.

It's a pretty nifty little devise! Allowing you to print on paper, card and fabric many many times, using multiple colours.

And yes, at this stage, you can still buy it and all its bells and whistles. As far as I can tell, Print Gocco isn't available in NZ, but hey are available in Australia from a variety on online stores (a quick Google search should bring up a selection to choose from and compare prices).

Once you have mastered the Gocco process, get your goods on Etsy and your images on Flickr...

Here's some work from the Flickr Gocco Group:

Pictured L-R: top row - by LaRosak, by lp_sf. bottom row - by mingus designs, by pattipri

(images from each artist mentioned above)

See Etsy's Gocco Tutorial for a complete 'How To'
See Flickr's Gocco Group for more examples of Gocco printing

Groupies (and Glass)

Grouping objects you love is a way of making a statement about yourself...the things you have collected over time, scavenged around the markets for - your treasures.

If you haven't begun collecting yet, Glass is a lovely way to start. New glass mixes perfectly with old, and groupings fit into all areas of your home - from kitchen to living, bathroom to bedroom.

These affordable glass vases from Ikea make a lovely statement, and are the perfect way to start a collection. This grouping can easily be filled out with thrift store finds and you can explore some galleries and design stores for more exclusive pieces. Mix, match and enjoy!

(images from Ikea)

The closest Ikea to NZ is the store in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane).

I want to get away...

The thought of a get-away break is so compelling when we are in the midst of winter. I have been collecting info about some pretty amazing looking places for a while now - all are to far flung places on the planet, but maybe you might be inspired to try something along the same lines closer to home.

La Maison Flottante (France)

I have always loved the idea of a French Canal holiday. La Maison Flottante or "The Floating House" has been blogged about a fair bit - but I still love it and wanted to share it with you too!

Unfortunately you cant book to stay - The Floating House is a studio for resident artists and authors invited by the Cneai (the National Contemporary Art Centre for Publication) in France.

"Resting just above the water and moored to the impressionists' island Chatou, the Floating House softly sways to the rhythm of Seine's swirls. The changing reflections of the light onto the water pervade the wooden walls cut open by two glazed facades in the main rooms. From the inside of the studio, the picturesque landscape that inspired Renoir's “Déjeuner des canotiers” in 1881 is visible everywhere, blurred by the mirroring surface of the water. A fairy tale atmosphere favoring inspiration and contemplation."

Sounds lovely doesn't it??!! - Here are the pics..

(images from Bouroulle)

Looking for a floating get away in NZ? Try
House Boat Rentals, Taupo Explorer or House Boats

Hotel Fox (Denmark)

What I love about the idea of Hotel Fox is that each room is an individual piece of art. I'm not sure if I would want to sleep in all of them, but I would definitely like to have a look!!

From wacky comical styles to strict graphic design, street art to Japanese manga to simply spaced out fantasies. Your room may have flowers, fairy tales, friendly monsters, dreaming creatures, secret vaults and... well, just peek for yourself...

(images from Hotel Fox)

for an art filled get away try:

Whitepod (Switzerland)

Nothing like celebrating winter in the Alps - The Swiss Alps that is!

Whitepod is a picturesque exclusive resort located above 'Les Cerniers', a small village at the foot of the Dent du Midi, a mountain range with peaks over 3000m.

Situated in the heart of the Swiss Alps, the camp consists of 8 'pods' (tents) arranged above an old alpine chalet. each thermally insulated pod is produced using water prof fabrics. Each has a single room large enough to accommodate two guests. The perfectly designed oval windows frame the breath-taking mountain scenery.

Here's the pics..

(images from green traveller and smart planet)

for your own NZ get away winter celebration visit Mt Ruapehu Accommodation

Book of the Week:

Because I posted about Denyse Schmidt in the D's last week, I thought it only fitting to highlight her book; Denyse Schmidt Quilts: 30 Colorful Quilt and Patchwork Projects in this weeks Book of the Week.

Click through to the Design Alphabet Bookshop to read the latest reviews and to add it to your collection.

See you tomorrow for H!

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