July 30, 2008


Hello there... here are some Mmmmmmmmm's to get you through the day!
Let's start with


In 1994 Shelley Simpson started 'mud Australia'. Fourteen years later, with an international stockists list, mud Australia has opened it's flagship store in Sydney's eastern suburbs.

Their new showroom gives Shelley and co-owner James Kirton the opportunity to showcase their range of globally loved porcelain. The mud collection boasts perfectly combined minimalist aesthetics with a clearly hand made finish.

I love the warm colours and simplicity in design of the mud products. The colour palette is soft, yet modern. My pick would be a mismatch of colours in a combination of these timeless pieces...

Visit the mud Australia website
Shop at mud Australia retail at 134 Edgecliff Road, Woollahra. NSW
See mud Australia for stockists


There is no doubt that Melamine dinner and serve ware is back in full force. Countless producers are making products that are suitable for more than just your picnic basket.
One company famous for its striking and modern melamine range is French Bull.

French Bull debuted in 2002, and in its short years has revolutionised and reinterpreted the use of melamine in the home.

French Bull continues to be ahead of the curve offering customers a wide range of storage, serving and kitchen items in bold, graphic colours and patterns.

Other producers of melamine products that I enjoy are:

Oksana Badrack

Thomas Paul

Marco Cibola

(images from French Bull and Poketo)

Visit French Bull
Shop for Oksana Badrack
Shop for Thomas Paul
Shop for Marco Cibola

Madder and Rouge

I was pretty excited when Madder and Rouge opened their new store in Wellington - and I wasn't disappointed!

Even though I probably wouldn't decorate with their popular French Striped Fabrics, I do appreciate it's appeal.

It is their French bath products, contemporary French fabrics and toys that I really love...and their effortless mix of old and new.

"We believe interiors should contain some element of quirky and have some sense of fun."

See the Madder and Rouge website
Visit Madder and Rouge retail outlets - Wellington: 19 College Street Wellington. Auckland: 25 Teed Street Newmarket.


The first Mozi collection "The Secret Garden" was launched in August 2005. It was from this point that Mozi's owners (and sisters) Camilla and Olivia Tipler were inundated with an overwhelming response. Wholesalers, consumers and the media couldn't get enough, and it was this public enthusiasm that earned them credibility throughout Australia and overseas.

It hasn't stopped. Just three years on, Camilla and Olivia have firmly cemented their place in the Homewares industry. Their catalogue currently offers over twenty-five products that fall into six main categories - from kitchen textiles to stationery.

I have been finding it hard to come up with words to describe the print style at Mozi - it's kind of 'Exotic meets Backyard' - and after reading their information, I guess that this description is about right. Olivia and Camille site their childhood pets, far away places and their love for all things exotic as their major influences.

"Mozi's designs are a fusion of colour, pattern, theme and subject that inspire the imagination."

Here's a peek...

(images from Mozi)

visit the Mozi website and online shop
See Mozi for stockists
International shipping is available

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