May 20, 2010

+ Otto & Elisabeth Dunker


I hope the end of the week is shaping up nicely for you. I'm looking forward to sliding into the weekend not too stressed and hopefully with an outfit for my brothers wedding! I am also on a mission to make 21 tissue pompoms for wedding decorations : )

Something fun and inspiring to share with you today - ready?

Otto and Elisabeth Dunker

Are you familiar Elisabeth Dunker's (from Studio Violet fame) blog Fine Little Day? At the beginning of this week on Elisabeth's blog she announced a new side-kick -

"Fine Little Day is a multidisciplinary art and design platform and brand.Sprawling, impulsive and inconsistent. It is not faithful to any single line and does not have the ambition to be cohesive or even well thought through.

Fine Little Day specializes in playful creating based on pleasure and joy.The main goal is to work with interesting and stimulating tasks. To produce happy and environment-friendly products, work shops and lectures for both adults and children. Our desire is to be kind, friendly and of course to have fun on the journey. The aim is also to have collaborations with creators of various kinds."

What is super duper cool about Elisabeth's first collaboration is that it is with her 8 year old son Otto. Otto (just like his mama) is super talented and has created two wallpapers for Elisabeth's .com store. How cool is that!?

Take a peek:

(images and quote from Fine Little Day)

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Think you might like to try your hand at wallpaper design? visit

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Happy Thursday!

See you tomorrow! xxoo

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