May 26, 2010

+ One Million Giraffes

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We've got a couple of letters to catch up with today, so let's jump right in...

One Million Giraffes

Have you heard of the One Million Giraffes Project?

In 2009 Ola Helland from Norway, was having a discussion with his friend Jørgen about the limitlessness of the internet; how everything and anything was possible now, and how Ola was pretty sure he could "easily get one million of anything if I wanted to"... And that was where Jørgen laid his challenge - for Ola to collect 1 million hand drawn Giraffes by 2011, solely using the internet.

So, what started as a quick Facebook update, has turned into just over 830,000 giraffes and counting... Contributions come from all over the world and include detailed watercolours, beautiful pencil sketches and crayoned children's drawings.

This is such a fun project I think I might get my family around the kitchen table with paper, pencils and paints and make our own little contribution - are you keen?

(images from One Million Giraffes, quotes from One Million Giraffes and Telegraph)

visit Ola's website
visit Ola's Facebook

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Elsa May said...

Oh that's brilliant - love it! Am enjoying catching up on all the alphabet - I'm waaay behind in my blog-reading. I hope you're having a grand weekend :) Annie