May 18, 2010

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I Heart Birds

A little while ago, when both my husband and I were home working, an extraordinary thing happened; a flock of seven Kereru (Native Wood Pigeons) had their lunch in our front yard. They feasted for a good twenty minutes on the berries that grow on the trees outside.

What makes this so extraordinary is when I was growing up, I would of been lucky to have seen 1 Kereru, 2 was unheard of, and well, SEVEN!! I spoke to my mother about it and she said she wouldn't of seen seven in her whole life!!

My children, who are privileged to have this sort of carry-on happening in their front yard were rather blasé and said "huh? they're only wood pigeons mum". Little do they know that the regeneration of this bird has taken probably longer than my lifetime, and, that they are so, so lucky to have had it happen.

This picture above (courtesy of my lovely husband) only shows three birds (they are about as big as a chicken). When I did a wee bit of research, they can apparantly grow up to 51cm from beak to tail tip. They are truly beautiful : )

"So, where is all this bird talk leading to" I hear you say... Well, it leads us here, to the work of Ryan O'Rourke and his absolutely gorgeous Bird Houses - not that a Kereru would fit in them mind you!

Ryan O'Rourke is a super talented illustrator who's portfolio and 'I Heart Birds' store are definitely worth a browse - and his bird houses? - oh me, oh my!!

(images from Ryan O'Rourke)

visit Ryan's website
visit Ryan's I Heart Birds store

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Kickcan and Conkers said...

oh, Love this work by Ryan O Rourke!

Elsa May said...

Wow! How wonderful - wood pigeons are my favourite bird. There used to be one who lived in the Karaka tree at the bottom of my granny's garden - I spent hours watching him as a child. And I'm totally digging those bird-boxes. Thanks for sharing.