May 21, 2010

+ Endemic World

Happy Friday!

Well, this week sure flew by! It's been pretty good here - how 'bout with you? My oldest son is home sick from school today, all though feeling much better than he was last night which is good. We're going to hang out a bit today, watch some movies and eat lots of good nutritious food! I'm looking forward to it!

Today I thought I'd delve into some NZ goodness... ready?

Endemic World

I've mentioned Endemic World on the Alphabet before - remember? " is New Zealand's online design store. It's a selective mix of fresh & creative design products from New Zealanders around the world." It has an impressive collection of NZ goodies on display and I thought I'd pick a few of my faves for you today... take a peek:

Print. Fantail by Flox. I LOVE all of Flox's work, and who can by pass Fantails? - they've got to be the cutest Native bird ever!

Above: Patch Me Up Tights. From SpiltMILK. These cute little legs are perfect for adventures : )

Above: You're Lovely Pillowcase Set. From Nice Work. Nice work, Nice Work!

Above: Tui Tuckshop Bird Feeder. From Nuzilla. Definite fave!

Above: Butchers Block. From F3 Design. Perfectly Industrial (and practical too!).

Above: Kid's Wooden Stilts. From The Black Stilt Company. One of my favourite childhood memories - so may hours spent on the stilts my Grandfather made us - round, and round, and round the house we went!!

(images and quote from Endemic World)

visit the Endemic World store
read the Endemic World blog

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Have a fabulous weekend!

See you Monday! xxoo

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