February 28, 2010

Hello! Welcome back!

I hope you are well : )

It has been a chaotic two weeks here, my youngest boy hasn't managed to start school yet, as he has had pneumonia - pneumonia!! We are hoping that he may be able to start his schooling adventures towards the end of this week - fingers crossed!

(image from yarnattack)

It hasn't been all bad though; when he is under the weather he is pretty quiet, needs lots of cuddles and a few naps - "have a nap with me mama", how can I resist?!

It does mean that the work around here has been rather slow though, but there are a few changes underway...

Do you feel like a guided tour?

Well, on the left, up top there, you will notice a couple of buttons for Facebook and Twitter - yep, we are broadcasting from those spots from the start of letter A (tomorrow!), so click on through to become a 'fan' (my one fan needs a bit of company!) and to receive my 'tweets'. Oh and if you haven't already, the 'subscribe' buttons are opposite on the right.

Also on the right, you'll find some coloured strips under 'Featured Artists'. This is a work in progress as I slowly start compiling a catalogue of everyone who has been featured on this ol' alphabet of ours. At this stage you can go through to alphabet*one and alphabet*five. But keep an eye out for the others, they should be following along soon.

In both sidebars there are some new spots under 'Inspired By', and 'Take a Peek', all are worth a click, and are either reads I really enjoy, people who are super supportive, people who I find inspiring, and in some cases - all three! There will be more additions in these spots over the next few days too..


Alphabet*ten is about to start too - yay! I have streamlined the programme so it becomes a quick and inspiring daily read and an easy-to-browse resource. Those hard to write letters will have new faces too which I'll tell you all about later in the alphabet, and as always, I'll continue to bring you all my faves from here and around the globe - exciting stuff!!

So will you head back this way tomorrow and see who's going to start off this alphabet*ten?
I hope so...

See you soon!

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