February 4, 2010

Studio Ditte


I hope your day is going well : )

Today is the last day before school goes back, and I'm feeling rather sad about it all. Luckily I still have my wee boy at home until he turns five in mid-Feb, so I do have chance to ween myself a bit, but I still feel a bit sad....I'm going to miss them, as much as having a break from each other can be nice, I'm going to miss having them around. I have really enjoyed these holidays, we have well and truly relaxed into them, no rushing here and there, no stressing when someone cant find suitable clothes to wear, no need to pack lunches, and schoolbags - it's been great!

So, I'm going to make the most of this last day, and get this S post underway....ready? Let's go!

Studio Ditte

Oh me, oh my! It is either a blessing or a curse that I don't live anywhere near the Netherlands! When I had a store we used to import all sorts of goodness from the Netherlands and other parts of Europe, and I tell you, it was pretty hard to not add a few bits and bobs into shipments for myself! Even my children used to raid stock boxes and I'd find softies tucked into their beds, and t-shirts on over top of the clothes they were already wearing....yep, they know goodness when they see it!!

So when I came across Studio Ditte, the feelings were the same... and what feelings are those? The "I want it!" feelings!!! Luckily for our bank balance delivery is only available within the EU...but boy oh boy, talk about love!

I refrained from copying images from the whole collection, so pop on over and check it out for yourself....

(images from Studio Ditte)


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See you tomorrow! xxoo

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