May 26, 2009


Oooh, some lovely arty treats today!

We are starting with a wee celebration today, I haven't been keeping track and today I noticed that this is my 104th post!! We danced passed the 100 milestone without evening knowing!! So thank you. Thank you so much for dropping by. Thank you for your comments and emails. Your involvement in this alphabet is very much appreciated.

A quick rough count shows we have journeyed through about 250 different creatives over these last 4 alphabets, and there are so many more to come! As always, if you know of anything that I should include (and shameless self promotion is encouraged : ), please don't hesitate to get in touch.
Have a wonderful day, and, Thank You xx

Let's get underway...

Arthur E Giron

When researching Arthur Giron, I not only found a fantastic collection of works, but a notable client list, and an impressive resume (littered with numerous prizes) to boot.

And no wonder, his work is a great combination of the real mixed with a bit of reverie, a perfect choice for a client base such as his. It is that combination that I also really enjoy.

The other thing I noticed is that Arthur's birthday is May 24th, which is the very day I wrote this post - so, many happy returns Arthur, I hope your birthday is everything you hoped for. x

(images from Arthur E Giron)

visit Arthur's website
visit Arthur's store

Blanca Gómez

mmmmmm! This work by Blanca Gómez definitely brings some sunshine to the gloomy weather we have been having. It's bright and poppy, and oh so crisp and fresh. I do suggest you skip over to Blanca's website and check out more of her work.

"Blanca is an illustrator and graphic designer living and working in Madrid. Simple things inspire her and her work. In fact, the name of her website is "Cosas Mínimas", which means "Tiny Things" in Spanish. She thinks that name explains her work better than herself."

(images from Blanca Gómez, quote from Bakers Dozen)

visit Blanca's website
visit Blanca's store

Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison

I love handmade books, and this collection by talented duo Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison is no exception.

Based in Melbourne (Australia), Gracia and Louise create fabulous things from paper ranging from "limited edition artists’ books to prints, zines, postcard collages and other small projects". Their website is a nice journey through all the things that they make and do, and is definitely worth a look...

visit Gracia and Louise's website
visit Gracia and Louise's store
read Gracia and Louise's blogs

And there we have G! believe it or not we are pretty close to the middle of this second week of alphabet 4!
Thanks so much for stopping by : ) Have a great day everyone!
see you tomorrow for H!

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gracia said...

Thanks ever so for including us under 'G'... we're mighty glad you like what we make and do with paper.

see you, grache