May 19, 2009

b.b.b beautiful!

A lovely selection of things to things to share with you today : ) - enjoy!

Hannah Bureau, Rebecca Bureau, and Sarah Bazos

Hannah, Rebecca and Sarah are the masterminds behind their "small company of beautiful things" - Three Sisters Ink. This sisterly collaboration that is obviously working well for them as the work they produce is fantastic! - check it out...

(images from Three Sisters Ink)

visit the Three Sisters Ink website
visit the Three Sisters Ink shop
read the Three Sisters Ink blog

Blue Thimble

I am loving this work by Allison Rose of Blue Thimble. As a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, Allison's work involves layers of meticulous hand silk-screened textiles - sometimes up to 50 layers. It is obvious that Allison isn't afraid of colour, and in fact embraces it whole-heartily! "I could not choose which color is my favorite- that would be discriminating to me" - love it!

Take a peek:

(images from Blue Thimble)

visit Allison's store

Blocks by Petit Flâneur

OK I'm cheating a bit here, but I couldn't wait for P or F to tell you about Petit Flâneur! You really do need to skip over to their site and check out all the fabulous goodness that they produce - "crafting wonder into the lives of young and old." delicious!!

So, not only do they produce this divine range of blocks (seen below) the Petit Flâneur collection includes other toys, artworks, cards and clothing, and... they provide custom design services in the areas of product, graphic, and packaging design - check it out... (images from Petit Flâneur)

visit the Petit Flâneur website
visit the Petit Flâneur shop

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

* * *Special Feature* * *

Boon Chocolates

I couldn't go past Boon Chocolates when I discovered them in my favourite Australian magazine Inside Out - too beautiful to eat? - maybe not!!

If you are in the market for some truly gorgeous choccies, then I suggest you go on over to Boon and have a look : )

(images from Boon Chocolates)

visit the Boon Chocolates website

read the Inside Out blog

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

and there we have B! Have a great day everyone! - see you tomorrow for C!

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becca.elpy said...

Three Sisters Ink shall be a new fave and the blocks are so fun in a reminiscent way. :)