May 25, 2009

F abulous!

Hello! I hope you all had a lovely weekend : )

Welcome to Monday and another week of alphabetical goodness!
I am loving today's collection. I'm revisiting some old favourites as well as injecting some newness...there are loads of images to inspire...lets start with the newbie!!

Draw Flowers

Draw Flowers is a new find for me, but by looking at the extensive press list, the Draw Flowers collection has impressed a fair few people so far!

The Draw Flowers range consists of a variety of beautiful goodness created and inspired from vintage wallpaper. Bold bright colours matched with clever design equals the ultimate in recycled chic... You've got to love the hand painted paper rolls too (last two images below)...have a look:

(images from Draw Flowers)

visit the Draw Flowers etsy shop
visit the Draw Flowers dawanda shop
visit the Draw Flowers website

Flat Pack - Baby Zaishu

I first wrote about Zaishu here. I love the simplicity of flat pack products, and it is that simplicity combined with Zaishu's beautiful decoration and commendable business ethics that make for one fab product!

A wee note from Zaishu arrived in my inbox this week, letting me know that they have now created a Baby Zaishu, "Created from off-cuts and spare ink from our studio this slot-together limited edition Baby Zaishu seat/table is the ultimate in eco design."

Now there's a Zaishu for the whole family!

(images from Zaishu)

visit the Zaishu website
visit the Zaishu shop
read the Zaishu blog

Frazier and Wing

I was so pleased that Heather's recent email coincided so beautifully with this F post!

I have written about Heather and her gorgeous Frazier and Wing paper creations before and her announcement that a new Paper Garland collection was up on her website was something that I just had to share with you.

As I revisited Heather's website I was (just as I was last time) struck by the tranquil beauty of each of her pieces. You really do have to take a look:

(images from Frazier and Wing)

visit Heathers website
read Heather's blog

And there we have the beginning of another week! I hope you enjoyed F.. will see you tomorrow for G!

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