June 20, 2010

+ Nadia Pignatone

Hi there!

Sorry it's been so quiet around these parts. The last two weeks have been nothing short of hectic! The projects I have been working on are coming to a head, meaning the workload has grown and everything is at a really crucial stage... I have also started a new job which I am really excited about : )

My brother and his new wife celebrated their nuptials too so we've had a whole heap of celebration thrown in the mix as well. There's nothing like having a full life, filled with people that you love and the things that make you happy!

I hope all has been well with you... are you ready to delve back into this alphabet*eleven?

Let's go!

Nadia Pignatone

Nadia Pignatone's gorgeous porcelain work is new to me. Like me, you may have seen Nadia's work amongst the pages of the April/May Issue of Belle, or in various other publications that have readers oohing and ahhing over the latest finds at Maison and Objet in Paris... - oh my!

I have been particularly loving Nadia's Blossoms collection of hand thrown porcelain adorned with laser cut Kimono (pictured below)... Oh, and the Drip's Collection by Nadia's work and life partner Fausto Pellegrini (pictured first below) is divine too!

"My love for the art of pottery began many years ago in an atelier on the East Side of Manhattan, where I learned to shape my passion for clay into forms that I longed for.
The soul of my wares comes to life through a visual aesthetic, inherited from my background in graphic design, combined with the endless enjoyment of forming porcelain."

(images and quote from Nadia Pignatone)

visit Nadia's website

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See you soon for Q!


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