June 3, 2010

+ Danny Mansmith


We're going to jump right in today...

Danny Mansmith

I always enjoy reading through an artist's bio and Danny Mansmith's was no exception - I could copy and paste it all here, but I'm not going to - I want you to go and check it out for yourself... here's a snippet;

"I was the sensitive redhead growing up: the one that was picked on. So, from the very beginning, I was sort of pushed upon a path of feeling different and apart from others..."

I can definitely identify with Danny, not that I was picked on, but that feeling of being different - thinking differently, liking different things, having different interests...blogging has opened me up to a whole heap of like-minded people, it makes me realise I am not actually that different, there are plenty of people out there who are just like me!

Unfortunately for me, the outcome of my 'differences' are nothing like Danny's - this 'sensitive red-head' is super talented and produces an awe inspiring collection of work - you need to have a look through his portfolio...

"It took almost all of the ‘90’s to develop a way of sewing that looks naive and disheveled, but still well made.There’s this really hard work ethic I have. But working and making art is my joy and freedom. It’s my survival."

(images and quotes from Danny Mansmith)

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The sun is shining! As much as I try to think positively about the rain - the sun brings a (very big) smile to my face!

Have a great day!

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