November 3, 2008

T and U

T & U

Another round of catch up today... my computer is getting sicker and sicker : ( so here I am on Steve's again, attempting to catch up!!

We have some delicious eye candy today... we are starting off with some fab NZ jewellery and then we are going to sink our teeth into a feast of screen printed goodness! - enjoy!

Taprobane Design

The lovely Karen from Taprobane Design emailed me a link to her fab jewellery collection (yay!).

"Taprobane is a quirky new label producing a range of jewellery inspired by childhood memories and translated into elegant pieces, with a contemporary twist."

I am in love with her 'Alphabet Soup' series of individual letters in a serif font! And her 'Wrought Iron' series is simply stunning! - have a look:

(images from Taprobane Design)

visit Karen's website
shop online at Ponoko and Felt


Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Beautiful screen printing gets me every time! And Tikoli is no exception.

"Ten unique tea towel designs: fresh, modern and made to mix and match. Now there's no longer a need to keep your kitchen linens in hiding!"

The little blurb on the Tikoli 'About Us' page is great! You should pop over and read it.. while you are there check out the whole collection - it's fantastic!!

(images from Tikoli)

visit the Tikoli website
visit the Tikoli shop
read the Tikoli 'About Us' page

Umbrella Prints

More screen printing goodness! This time from Australian designers Amy Prior and Carly Schwerdt. Umbrella Prints have a wonderful collection of fabric squares and fat fat quarters (fabric larger than a regular sized fat quarter) and an adorable range of flip dolls.

Their prints are modern, vibrant and fun and the colour palette is gorgeous! check it out:

(images from Umbrella Prints)

visit the Umbrella Prints shop
read Amy's blog
read Carly's blog

And there we have T and U... yay!


As you know my computer is dying a slow and painful death : ( this also means I have lost programs like Photoshop as well as files that will take some time to retrieve/ re work... so...At the end of this alphabet (this Friday) I am taking a break. I had been thinking about taking a break over the summer so I get to spend heaps of quality time with my boys, so I am just going to start that break a bit sooner than anticipated.

So, as from this Friday, The Design Alphabet will be on holiday until 2009. I can still be reached via comments and email, so please do still keep in touch!

But no need for good-byes just yet! We've got an alphabet to finish!

- see you tomorrow for V!

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