December 5, 2009

Zara Picken

I thought that it would be fitting to end this alphabet*eight with some illustration. This alphabet has been leaning particularly heavily towards illustration with a total of 18 posts about illustrators and print makers... can you see what's been on my mind?? : )

Zara Picken

I have been really enjoying works like Zara Picken's - works that have a vintage feel about them. A soft colour palette and gentle texture - on looking through Zara's portfolio I learnt that this is best described as "retro-tinted with textured blocks of colour"...combining both digital and handmade elements.

"I am influenced by mid-century modern design and have a passion for old paper-based ephemera. I also find inspiration in vast collections, large cities and obscure music.
...Projects begin with pencil drawings and are completed using Photoshop in a distinctive style. My work is ideas-led, approaching each brief with an open mind and focusing on conveying concepts and messages with a striking aesthetic."

I love how Zara manages to create so much movement within her pieces, the swept hair-do's, the flying fish, and the party atmosphere... have a look....

(images and quote by Zara Picken)

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And there we have alphabet*eight! Sorry there were so many glitches these last couple of weeks!

Next week, as we head into the festive season, we are going to do an advent type series. Each day will have one or two Christmas inspired images and special finds. I'm also going to share the artwork we have purchased for our nieces and nephews, and a few of the decorations and traditions we have here in our family.

Will you join me? I hope so!

Thank you so much for visiting me throughout this 8th alphabet. Your comments, emails and loyalty really do make this all worth while. I so very much appreciate you dropping by!

Have a wonderful weekend!

See you Monday xxoo

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