April 1, 2010

+ Valeria Heine


How are you doing? I hope all is well in your world : )

I have attempted compiling a U post about 10 times now and am completely unsatisfied with every attempt! - so, U will be a no-go in this alphabet... Anyway, V was looking so good that I couldn't wait any longer!... so here it is...V...

Valeria Heine

This alphabet has had some amazing photography in it - there are some seriously clever people out there!

Valeria Heine is definitely up there in the 'clever people' ranks. Her work is breath taking. I am head over heels with the undewater images pictured 2nd and last below - oh my!

According to Valeria's bio she has only been photographing for four (4!) years - can you imagine what her work will be like when she has some serious years under her belt?

"Frequently using minimal lighting, I tend to concentrate on the small details, such as the texture and shadows on fabric. I photograph mostly indoor environments and always use natural light. As a result, my photos, which are mostly digital, are often warm and intimate. They are usually unplanned and inspired by interesting light I may come across or by a mood I want to express."


(images and quote from Valerie Heine)

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