May 18, 2009

Yay it's A!

So here is how it's been working while I've been 'away'... I've been reading, reading, reading, and searching, searching, searching, (and finding, finding, finding!) that, and all the lovely emails I have been getting, has amounted to a huge, never-ending catalogue of goodness to share with you - and here we begin...

I figured we might as well begin right here at home in not-as-cold-as-it-should-be New Zealand...


Amy Li

Amy's range of 'wearable artworks' are just divine! I love the lively quirkiness of this 'Playful 2008' collection and her use of non-precious, everyday materials.

As a graduate of Bachelor of Visual Arts course at the University of Auckland, Amy "engages wearers and viewers in a visual dialogue on issues of value surrounding body adornment, the throwaway; as well as the wide consequences of our relationship with our environment."


If you are in NZ in July and August make sure you visit Amy's showcase of new work:

Jewellery Box Showcase
Thu, 23 Jul 09 - Wed, 12 Aug 09
Masterworks Gallery
77 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby.

(images from Toggle and Objectspace)
(quote from Toggle)

Visit Amy's store

Art Mind

There has been quite a bit written lately about the work of Mitsy from 'Art Mind'. Bloggers all around the place have been loving her '99 feelings' series - and I'm one of them! Sorry if you've read it all before, but here you go again : ) ...

The '99 Feelings' series is a collection of 99 ceramic 'feelings' - the same simple shape expressing different emotions.

Can you pick which emotion is which?

These beautiful little figures are so much more than just works of art, and Mitsy's blog explains;

"When people buy a mini art feeling, they sometimes write why or for who they are buying it. My curious nature loves that but mostly I'm very touched by the story behind it.One of my feelings courage (pictured directly above) went as a gift to a person who just recovered from a coma. Another one went as a gift to someone who's battling with cancer at the moment.I hope that both these people will find the courage to conquer the hard times that they are going through. I feel touched to know that my work has reached their hearts and that my little feeling 'courage' will be part of their journey...Both these sales are in my heart more then any other and I quite often look back and hope that 'courage' will help them remember to go on in hard times and that they are surrounded by people who care about them..."

How wonderful is that??

(images and quote from Art Mind)

visit Mitsy's store
read Mitsy's blog
see more of Mitsy's work on flickr

Alexandra Ashby
I am loving these hand drawn images by Alexandra Ashby. It has been quite tricky finding any information about Alexandra, but I think her work speaks for itself - simple beauty.

The Fuchsia image (second down) reminds me of my childhood - popping the fuchsia buds in my grandmothers garden (!), and watching their 'ballerina skirts' bob and dance about. I was always so taken by their amazing contract of colours...

Take a peek:

(images from Alexandra Ashby)
visit Alexandra's shop

Oooh, and there we have it! - we are officially back! I hope you enjoyed dipping your toes into this 4th alphabet - see you tomorrow for B!


Claire Mojher said...

Oooh! So fun, all of it!

Mitsy / ArtMind said...

Ooh, I'm definately bookmarking your blog! This is going to be a source of inspiration! I'm already loving it! Thanks heaps for adding my work here - all the 99 feelings are giggling away now! ;) Happy weekend to you!

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of Alexandra's, her illustrations are beautiful!